9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (2023)

You have a crush that you’re really into.

Perhaps you met her online or through your social group.

And one thing about her particularly bothers you.

You don’t get why she gives you short and/or slow replies!

Until today, because you’re about to get:

  • 9 Reasons she gives you short/and or slow replies
  • The most important texting mistake that’s ruining your conversations
  • 13 Unwritten rules of texting that will level up your skills in an INSTANT
  • 10 Stealable texts that’ll get you laughs and dates
  • And much more…

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#1: Almost no guy gets this right

I have a quick text related test for you that almost no guy gets right.

Why should you care?

Because your answer shows just how good you are at seducing women over text.

Get the answer right and you’re ahead of most men

Get it wrong and you’re no better than Peasant Paul and Mediocre Mike.

The test involves an incredibly boring texting conversation, in this case on Tinder.

And after you read it, I want you to answer the all-important multiple choice that shows your skill with women.

Who made the conversation boring?

  • Her
  • Him
  • Both

Read the conversation again if you must.


Here comes the screenshot:

9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (1)

We can all agree this convo was a bummer.

But whose fault was it?

If you answered anything other than “Him”, you’re…


Which is GREAT.

Because you’re about to level up after reading today’s article.

Let’s get to the matter at hand: Why is she not to blame for this trainwreck of a conversation? (Although she could have definitely tried harder.)

Because our Tinder bro asked the next questions IN A ROW:

Wbu? Got classes today?

So where you at for college?

Ah, you like it there?

Now ask yourself, would you enjoy answering these questions?

Do these questions make you FEEL anything?

HELL to the NO!

So you can’t blame her for writing short texts.

She was probably ready to call the cops on him for being the world’s worst flirt.

#2: You need more attention than an infant

No matter what you do on Tinder, you don’t ever want to be this guy.

Before I show you the screenshot, a little insight into the female psyche.

Women are extraordinarily gifted at reading between the lines.

So she’s not only reading what you’re saying, but why you’re saying it.

Which is precisely why the woman from the next screenshot reacts with very short responses, she caught onto his bad vibes.

Let’s take a look:

9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (2)

Reading this conversation almost gives me third degree cringe.

(Video) Sex addiction: Five times a day 'wasn't enough' - BBC News

Let’s analyze it together, starting with the first text:

What brings you to tinder? 🙂

He’s not fooling anybody with that line.

Everyone and your grandma knows why people use Tinder.

So can you figure out why he asked that question?

He’s hoping she’ll answer “sex”, so he doesn’t have to work as hard to seduce her.

Hint: Almost no girl will reveal her true sexual desires. Why? Because women enjoy the game of cat and mouse. But before she even decides to play that game, you need to convince her you’re worth playing with.

Let’s move onto the second series of texts:

I was bored hahaha

So what made u swipe me?

First of all, all the needless “hahahs” show he’s insecure. He probably recognized that his texts were pretty dull, so he’s randomly adding “hahahs” to inject fun into the conversation.

And failing miserably. Just because she reads “hahah” doesn’t magically make your texts funny.

And if there was any question on the level of his insecurity, his final text proves that he’s a Dorito-eating basement dweller who never gets attention from women.


Because he’s fishing for validation. To be precise, he’s hoping she’ll say she swiped him for his rugged good looks.

She caught on to all these red flags too.

Which is why her texts were so brief.

So how do you prevent bad vibes from coming into your conversations?

Never text in a bad or insecure mood.

Because the negativity will somehow shine through.

#3: You’re going too fast

The next reason for her short replies is super common and super unattractive.

You probably even know this ugly behavior, because it inspired its own subculture.

*tips fedora*

Yes, I’m talking about the ultimate nice guy.

“Louis, this is insulting. Are you implying I’m as bad as a neckbeard?”

No, my dearest reader. I have much higher hopes for you.

But if I’m going to be 169% honest, most men speak almost fluent Neckbeardian.

Including you.

What do I mean by that?

Let’s show you with a screenshot:

(The guy is grey, the girl is purple.)

9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (3)

This guy called her a babe and then a bitch within 4 texts.

What does that tell us about ‘Fedora’? (I love how she gave him that nickname.)

That despite his affectionate nickname for his match, he didn’t care about his match at all.

So why did he call her ‘babe’?

In hopes to get some affection back from her!

In short, he was trying to manipulate his way into being liked.

And that’s precisely what I want to warn you against, because that’s a common male seduction tactic.

“Maybe if I call her beautiful, she’ll like me.”

(Video) Sex-for-rent offered by landlords - BBC News

“Maybe if I buy her a fancy dinner and flowers, she’ll make out with me.”

It’s super shady.

Scratch that, it’s manipulation.

And that’s plain ol’ bad.

Plus, women see your affection for what it is and get turned off.

No wonder she replies slowly over text.

#4: You’re predictable

A hugely popular Reddit joke is ruining your online success with women.

Even if you never use it.

Because it’s not so much the joke that turns off women, but the mentality behind it.

Let’s check out what harmful “kneeslapper” I’m talking about:

9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (4)

The guy from the grey text bubbles was setting up the classic and awful joke, “My back is hurting… from carrying this conversation.”

The lady in blue saw it coming from a mile away and called out his punchline.

At which point, our bro tried to recover by saying he has arthritis.

The joke isn’t where this conversation went wrong.

The convo died long before then.

Judging from the woman’s brief texts, the two had a mind-numbingly boring conversation.

A conversation where the guy probably asked a ton of Yes/No questions. And gave very little direction to the conversation.

Which brings me to my point:

Just because you’re texting, doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job of seducing her.

If you want to make her interested in you, small talk isn’t enough.

You want to send a bouquet of emotion tickling texts.

Because if you don’t, she’ll reply slowly, answer in short texts, or not respond at all.

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Consider the next stressful moments:

  • She sent you a text you just don’t know the answer to
  • She keeps asking you boring questions that will ruin the vibe
  • You see that she’s interested, but you don’t know how to ask her out
  • She didn’t reply and you don’t want to scare her off

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look up exactly what to say?

No need for wishful thinking, that texting guide already exists!

Just grab the 10 Texts That Always Work.

And get 10 copy pastable lines that I and the rest of team TextGod uses.

Enjoy, bro.

#5: You’re creeping

Here’s what NOT to do if you got the number of your crush.

Suppose you have a crush on a girl from school.

You see her every class sitting in the same seat. Maybe you’ve even seen her at a couple of parties.

But instead of saying hi, you fantasize about her.

After the hundredth fantasy, you decide it’s time to actually hang out in person.

So you ask around for her name. One guy tells you all about her and gives you her number.

Although she has no clue who you are, you write her a detailed text and hit send:

9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (5)

What’s wrong with this series of text?

Where do I start…

  • She has no idea who you are. Which means you went out of your way to find out about her and basically stalked her from the shadows. CREEPY!
  • You introduce yourself and ask her out in the SAME text. Which screams low standards and needy behavior

The text has more unattractive behaviors, but I’ll let those slide.

Let’s return to you.

Perhaps you’d never text a complete stranger.


But maybe you would text your crush from school or work, whose number you have from a work assignment.

(Video) Avril Lavigne - I'm With You (Official Video)

Which is almost as bad.


She gave out her number to discuss work. Not because she was interested in you romantically.

So by texting her casually, you’re invading her privacy.

“But Louis, how can I date her if I’m not allowed to text her?”

I never said you can’t date her, bro.

Holy tip:

Try and always keep work and romance separated.

If things turn awkward, you may hurt your career and/or lose your job.

Not worth it.

If you do want to text your crush out of the blue, without scaring her off…

Keep the conversation fun and light. Just like you would on Tinder.

If she shows signs that she likes you, continue. If not, break it off and find another crush.

#6: You’re coming from a place of scarcity

A big reason why girls reply slowly or send short texts is because…

You’re coming from a place of scarcity.

What the heck does that mean?

Basically, that you’re poor in leads with women and/or in confidence.

  • If you don’t talk to many women, you’ll treat your crush like a princess that farts rainbows
  • And if you have little confidence, you’ll chase women as if they’re the $24 million jackpot of the Powerball

Both these behaviors obviously turn off your crush, because…

  • She wants to be treated like a normal human being with imperfections
  • She wants to be with a man who she can look up to

“Louis, I get what you’re saying. But how does she even get the idea that I’m poor in women and self-esteem?”

Good question!

What’s the answer?

The way you text!

Let’s look at the next screenshot of a man who clearly lives in scarcity (the grey texts):

9 Reasons A Girl Gives Short or Slow Replies (6)

Can you feel how low value this dude is?

  • He doesn’t trust that he has the right number, so he asks for confirmation
  • He explains in detail who he is and also turns into an excited puppy when she replies :))
  • He asks her out and laughs away the nerves haha. Plus, he gives her two shallow compliments (using poor grammar)
  • He gets left on read and doesn’t take the hint

Let’s imagine how a man of high value would act in this scenario:

o m g. Jane, I just found the most hilarious meme. It’s you to a tee

That sounds funny… But I don’t know who you are

Wow, you used me to get a good grade in CS and then forgot all about me? -5 points

Hahaa. Noooo it’s not like that

So what’s that meme?

See the difference?

The guy from our screenshot was asked who he was, and he eagerly answered. And one text later he asked her out.

The man from our imagination got the same question, but he playfully turned it into a tease and subtracted 5 imaginary points. Then he didn’t ask her out, because he wasn’t sure if she was worth his time yet.

If you’re too easily impressed by her, you’re probably acting in scarcity and turning her off.

#7: You broke 1 of the 13 rules of texting

Almost all guys who text women are guilty of this…

Sending texts while adding NOTHING to the conversation.

Texts like:

What’s up?

(Video) Britney Spears - I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman (Official HD Video)


Hahaah. Yeah, I also love chocolate


No way! That’s hilarious

How is a woman supposed to reply to any of such texts?

They give her no direction.

Which means that she has to rack her brain to come up with a new subject.

And that your odds of a reply SHRINK.

Do you want her to reply?

Then send her texts that cost zero effort to answer.

How do you know if your texts are easy to answer?


By trying to answer them yourself.

For texting rules 2 through 13, check out my awesome video:

#8: It’s not an offline problem, not an online problem

If you’ve met her in person, it may not be your texts that are the problem but your…


Maybe you simply weren’t vibing.

And yes, that can happen even if you feel like you had great chemistry.

So what could you have possibly done to get short or slow replies?

  • You’re simply not her type
  • She’s not in the mood for a relationship or dating
  • You were too eager and placed her on a pedestal
  • You were extremely nervous. Perhaps you fired off question after question to fill up the silence
  • You didn’t have the guts to go for the kiss when the moment was there, and now the magic is gone
  • You made inappropriate remarks that offended her
  • You only talked about yourself, so you didn’t give her a chance to feel a connection

#9: You’re too sensitive

The reason she’s sending short or slow replies is because you’re making mountains out of molehills.

When you reread your conversation, you see short and slow replies.

But maybe her texts are perfectly fine considering her circumstances.

What was her situation when she sent you those short and slow texts?

  • Was she having a rough day?
  • Was she at a party or festival?
  • Was she on a holiday in an exotic country?

If so, you’re making mountains out of molehills.

Because she’s texting in a totally NORMAL way. After all, who wants to stare at their mobile phone if they’re at a party or hiking through the Amazonian jungle?

So do me a favor and answer the next question:

“Is your crush texting in a way that’s different from usual? And if so, for how long?”

If her texts are clearly different than normal, she MAY be turning you the cold shoulder.

But if that new, cold behavior has only been going on for 1 or 2 days, you have no reason to worry.

She’s probably busy.

And you’re worrying over nothing.

So what do you do if your crush gives you less attention?

You focus on yourself.

  • Hit the gym
  • Cross off century-old tasks from your to-do list
  • Hang out with friends
  • Clean up your room

Anything to get your mind off your crush.

Because most likely, you’re being overly needy.

Another thing you can do to distract yourself, is level up your text game.

So that when your crush gives you her full attention, you can blow her away with your hilarious wit and set a date.

I recommend you start with my 10 Texts That Always Work.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your textgame needs, you know where to find me.

Until next time, bro.

Louis Farfields

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If she doesn't text you back for 20-30 minutes, but then texts you later on, it could mean that she got busy with things. But if she goes more than 8 hours without texting you, that's a pretty powerful sign that she wasn't just busy, but that she intentionally didn't prioritize talking to you.

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  5. Running fingers through her hair.
  6. Licking her lips.
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Probably not, but in some cases, she might. She might not text back, which can feel like a terrible rejection. But there are other ways of rejecting you that she might use. If you text her a lot and aren't interested, she might text to explain that she doesn't want to receive your texts.

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Slow texting, according to the Urban Dictionary, is a practice that involves deliberately waiting an unnecessary amount of time (anywhere from 6+ hours to days) before responding to a text message.

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Dry texting isn't a single message sent – it's a pattern of texting which shows that the other person is not putting effort into keeping the conversation going. You will notice that all the responses from the other person are boring, short, and seemingly disinterested.

What to do if a girl replies with one word? ›

To reply to one word texts from girls, ask her a question that can't be answered in a few words, like “What is your idea of a perfect date, and why?” You can also try to liven up the conversation by asking her about something you know she's interested in, like her favorite TV show or hobby.

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  • She laughs at all your jokes. ...
  • She chooses to sit near you. ...
  • She wants you to meet her friends.
5 Aug 2022

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  • Her Replies Are Short and Cold. ...
  • She Takes a Long Time to Text Back. ...
  • She Never/Rarely Initiates Contact. ...
  • She Seems Non-committal When You Ask Her Out. ...
  • She Only Contacts You When She Needs Something.
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  3. 3 She interacts with all your social media posts.
  4. 4 She gives you lots of compliments.
  5. 5 She asks you to hang out a lot.
  6. 6 She laughs at your jokes.
  7. 7 She tries to make you laugh.
  8. 8 She appears nervous around you.
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What is cold texting? In the sales and business world, cold contacting a customer is generally done via phone or email without context or a prior business relationship. Cold text messaging is similar to cold calling and emailing in this way.

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While it's frustrating when your girlfriend is ignoring you, try to give her some space for awhile so that she has time to think through her feelings. If she continues ignoring you, it would be best to speak with her directly in a mature and compassionate way.

How do you know if a girl is ignoring you? ›

If they take a really long time to respond or they don't respond at all, it could be a sign that they're avoiding you for some reason. Even if they do respond, pay attention to how interested they seem in talking to you, since being short and distant usually means they don't have much interest in speaking to you.

How do u make a girl miss u? ›

The best way to make her miss you is to give her the time of her life. Take her to amazing dates, cook her delicious meals or even make her go crazy with your amazing sex skills. Sing to her or take her somewhere special that she didn't expect at all.

What's a good flirty text? ›

Flirty texts for him
  • Y/N: Thinking about me?
  • Feeling cuddly? ...
  • Still wearing your sweatshirt…
  • Netflix? ...
  • Can't stop thinking about your lips.
  • How much skin is too much skin to show on our date tonight?
  • You're my favorite veggie—a cute-cumber!
  • Thinking a lot of things about you I can't say…but I could text.
21 May 2022

What does it mean when a girl says LMAO? ›

Lmao is the abbreviation for laughing my ass off. Typically people use it in written conversations to show that they think something is funny. You can think of it as a stronger version of lol, which stands for laughing out loud.

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20 Ways on how not to be a dry texter
  1. Reply as soon as you can. ...
  2. Avoid using one-word replies. ...
  3. Know the purpose of your reply. ...
  4. Make texting fun with GIFs and emojis. ...
  5. Make your crush smile with memes. ...
  6. Don't be afraid to ask questions. ...
  7. Show your sense of humor. ...
  8. Go ahead and flirt a little.
19 Oct 2021

What causes slow texting? ›

Common causes vary from heavy traffic on the carrier's network to sending messages to different networks and messaging app issues on your Android phone. In any case, if you're unable to solve the issue on your end, contact your network for further assistance.

Is it better to respond fast or slow? ›

If you think the answer is easy, respond fast!” It may not seem like much, but a second or two could make or break a job interview. People who answer questions after a delay are seen as less sincere than those who respond quickly, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

Should you reply fast or slow? ›

A 5-minute response time is ideal, since it gives you time to think of an awesome reply that'll show off your personality and get her attention. But since you're not keeping her waiting too long, responding after a few minutes still lets you keep the conversation flowing.

What does it mean if a girl responds quick? ›

If she responds to your texts quickly, it means she is on her phone and is physically able to respond to texts quickly as a result. It could either mean that she prioritizes you over whatever else she was doing (which would be a “yes”) or that she responds quickly to everyone.

What does it mean when a girl replies immediately? ›

You will notice that she instantly replies to all your texts. Even when you text her while she's offline, you would be surprised by how fast she views your message and replies to it. This is probably because she has her notifications switched on for you.

How can you tell if someone likes you through text secretly? ›

How Guys Text When They Like You
  • He Texts Back Immediately.
  • He Wishes You Weren't Just Texting.
  • He Talks About Things You Both Would Be Doing If He Was There.
  • He Lets You Know If He Can't Text Back Right Now.
  • He Often Uses Flirty Emojis.
  • He Likes Hearing Your Stories.
  • He Wants To Know More About You.
  • He Writes You Long Texts.
3 Oct 2022

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  • Is there a book you could read over and over again without ever growing tired of it?
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  • What's your favorite joke?
  • If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?
6 Nov 2021

How do I keep a conversation going? ›

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  2. Avoid controversial topics. ...
  3. Smile. ...
  4. Make eye contact. ...
  5. Give compliments. ...
  6. Ask for advice or recommendations. ...
  7. Don't come on too strong. ...
  8. Maintain a positive attitude.
15 Nov 2021

When should you stop texting a girl? ›

You should only stop texting a girl if you feel the connection is very one-sided and she's not that interested. Or if you get the feeling she's just being polite. What is this? But if you think she's 'just being nice' by replying, remove any and all doubt by simply asking her out.

What to say after a girl likes you? ›

Caught Off Guard? 7 Ways to Respond when a Girl Says She Likes You
  • Thank her.
  • Tell her that you're flattered.
  • Ask for time to think about it if you're surprised.
  • Tell her you like her back if you do.
  • Tell her you're in a relationship if you are.
  • Be honest but kind if you don't feel the same way.

What to say when she stops replying? ›

Try sending something like, “I guess you're really busy, I'll stop bugging you.” If she reads this text and doesn't want the relationship to end, she'll probably respond right away. If She's Just Not That Into You, it will spur her to explain her lack of response and end things the right way.

How can you tell if someone is losing interest in you? ›

10 Signs Someone is Losing Interest in You
  1. They talk to you less. ...
  2. They act differently around you. ...
  3. They don't reach out anymore. ...
  4. They stop asking questions. ...
  5. They're no longer responsive. ...
  6. They stop making an effort. ...
  7. They make other plans. ...
  8. They've found someone else.

How can you tell is someone likes you? ›

Here are the typical signs someone is attracted to you:
  1. They lean in.
  2. They tilt their head as you speak (a sign of engagement).
  3. They smile at you.
  4. They make eye contact with you.
  5. They reach out and touch your arm, hand, back, or leg.

Is playing hard to get with a girl good? ›

Summary: Researchers examined the effects of playing hard to get, a mating strategy that is likely to instill a certain degree of uncertainty. In a new study they show that making the chase harder increases a potential mate's desirability.

How do you know if she's playing games? ›

How to tell if a girl is playing mind games
  • You feel something isn't right. ...
  • It's hot and cold. ...
  • She ignores your texts. ...
  • She flirts with other people in front of you. ...
  • You make all the first moves. ...
  • She bails on you. ...
  • Guys are all over her social media. ...
  • She acts like she doesn't care.

Why does a girl wait to text back? ›

Maybe she's busy or doesn't feel the need to reply right away. She could also be a little overwhelmed if you're sending her multiple texts in a short period of time. Perhaps she simply needs to think about what she wants to write before sending it.

How long is too long for a girl to text back? ›

A week gives the person enough time to thoughtfully respond.

Even though it's a little old-fashioned, some people will wait 3 days after a date to text you back to make you miss them more. Waiting any longer than a week could be a sign they're not interested, and it might be best to let the conversation die out.

Should I text again if no reply? ›

Give them the benefit of the doubt, both experts agree. If you wait seven days, without sending a double text, and your inbox is still at zero, you should take that as a sign too. No response is a response, Fields says.

How long is too long for no response? ›

"After the 48-hour mark, if you really haven't said anything at all and someone asks you a question that needs an answer, then that's where you're starting to get into ... rudeness or inconsideration," she says. But even etiquette experts get bogged down.

How do girls flirt over text? ›

How To Flirt Over Text
  1. Keep it short and sweet. As a general rule, the simpler the message, the better. ...
  2. Stay positive. Flirting, by nature, is meant to be cheerful and lighthearted — it should make you both feel like you're in high school again. ...
  3. Be complimentary.
  4. Ask a playful question.
7 Dec 2021

What is lazy texting? ›

Lazy Texts is an integrated application that allows you to create a daily customizable text message reminder with all your important upcoming due dates. NSU has just partnered with Lazy Texts to provide their services to all our students. Sign up and spread the word to your peers!

How do you deal with a slow texter? ›

"Let them know it's something that you need to feel a certain way as opposed to framing it as something that they are not doing enough of," Shula Melamed, relationship and wellness coach, tells Elite Daily. "Don't start the conversation by telling [them] they are 'bad' at something. Don't ask them over text!"

How do u get a girl to like u? ›

Ask her questions about her life and things that matter to her. Avoid talking about yourself too much and let her tell you about herself. You want to her to see that you are interested in her as a person. Give her your full attention.


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