Google Chrome Has a New QR Code Generator! Tutorial and 20 Integration Ideas (2024)

Google Chrome Has a New QR Code Generator! Tutorial and 20 Integration Ideas (1)

What is a QR code?

QR codes are scannable barcodes that allow users to gain access to information quickly. Users may use their device’s camera (if scanning QR codes are supported) or download different QR code apps and extensions such as The QR Code Extension to either scan or create codes. The QR codes may link to videos, websites, games, documents, slideshows, and more!

Google has made it easy for teachers to create QR codes as there is now a QR code generator built into Google Chrome! Once users are at the desired destination, they may click on the generator (located in the Omnibox) and immediately have access to download a QR code.

Where is the QR Code Generator?

Open Chrome and look in the Omni-box. In the top right corner, you will see a square with an arrow pointing upwards. This will allow you to copy a link to the website, or create the QR code.

Google Chrome Has a New QR Code Generator! Tutorial and 20 Integration Ideas (2)

How may educators use QR codes in education?

You may be wondering how educators may use these codes during their instruction. Over the years, I have used QR codes quite frequently. Whether you use the QR code generator in Chrome or generate codes using other popular edtech apps such as Seesaw and Flipgrid, there most certainly are dozens of ways to enhance your instruction with QR codes!

Here are 20 ideas for using QR codes in the classroom:

  1. Self-publishing: Allow students to publish and share their work by creating QR Codes. The codes may link to slide-decks, movies, published writing, artwork, and more!
  2. Share Thinking: Allow students to share their thoughts, questions, and connections by posting QR codes along with published work. For example, if students display their artwork they may share their artist statement via QR code! Or, they may post QR codes linking to audio comments, questions, and connections.
  3. Access Read Alouds: Generate QR codes linking to students, staff, and authors sharing read-alouds.
  4. Resource lists: Create a QR code for students to place in their folders or agendas so they may quickly access important sites and documents. Or, have students generate QR codes for resources they used during research projects.
  5. Revisiting Anchor Charts: Display QR codes showcasing important anchor charts students may need to revisit throughout the year.
  6. Book Reviews: Place QR codes on books or display them in the classroom or school library. The codes may provide quick access to student and staff book reviews and recommendations.
  7. Displaying Exemplars: Share examples of different exemplars for students to explore prior to starting a project. Or, after projects have been completed.
  8. Scavenger Hunts: Post QR codes around the building for students to participate in a scavenger hunt!
  9. News: Create a bulletin board with QR codes providing quick access to important school information and news updates.
  10. Tutorials: Empower students by allowing them to create their own tutorials for other students to reference via QR codes. And, of course, teachers may share their tutorials too!
  11. Quick Access to Assignment: Generate QR codes so students may quickly access assignments.
  12. Pre-filled Forms: Use QR codes to link to Forms such as surveys, exit tickets, and digital hall passes.
  13. Presentations: Add the QR code onto your presentation slide so students and staff may quickly access your resource.
  14. Differentiate Instruction: Provide different QR codes for different flexible groups to access assignments, games, and resources.
  15. Self-correcting stations: Allow students to self-correct by creating solutions and sharing via QR codes.
  16. Double-dose of Directions: Do your students often forget the directions to the assignments? Use QR codes to add audio or video directions to worksheets and rotation stations!
  17. Portfolios- Students may quickly generate QR codes to add completed work to their portfolios. Students may take photographs and videos of experiments, posters, and other non-digital activities and upload the files to their Drive. Now, they may create the QR codes!
  18. Digital Contact Card: Share a digital contact card with students and parents by printing out QR codes with links to your contact information.
  19. Newsletters/Yearbooks- Add QR codes to the hardcopies of your newsletters or yearbooks to quickly access videos and presentations you wish to share.
  20. Clever Badges- Ok. This has nothing to do with Google Chrome. But I had to mention how the Clever app makes it so easy for even our youngest learners to log in to their devices and different websites simply by using QR codes.

How are you using QR codes in your classroom?

I’d love to hear your ideas!!

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Google Chrome Has a New QR Code Generator! Tutorial and 20 Integration Ideas (3)

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Google Chrome Has a New QR Code Generator! Tutorial and 20 Integration Ideas (2024)
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