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m8 (plural m8s or m8's)

  1. (Internet slang, text messaging) Abbreviation of mate.
    • 2000 January 6, "Stuka_JV44", “Re: Will the new semi-historical event let me play???”, in microsoft.public.games.zone.fighterace[1] (Usenet):

      I appreciate your attempt at help and hope the problem can be fixed so I can continue to enjoy this game and fly with my m8's, both JV44 as well as everyone else.

    • 2002 April 18, "DVD2", “Have I killed my m8's Tosh ?”, in uk.comp.sys.laptops[2] (Usenet):

      Scratching my head a bit now and my m8 will be round tomorrow evening !!!!!!!!

    • 2003 March 15, "Loop", “ATTN:RHFULLER YOUR WRONG M8”, in alt.ftpsearch.com[3] (Usenet):

      Sorry m8 your rong, what up have i given out a service for free ?

    • 2004, Aidan Macfarlane, Ann McPherson, quoting an anonymous 13 year old girl, Bullying: the truth[4], →ISBN, page 22:

      I’m really scared I was wiv my m8s n dis grl cam up strtd mouthin off n punched 2 ov em I fink I wll b nxt n im scared 1 of d grls in d grup goes 2 our skul she as dun nuffin.

    • 2007, Chris Pawson, Eike Adams, Ralph Tanner., quoting "NB", “Cyberspace: A Contemporary Social Space”, in Karen Malone, editor, Child Space: An Anthropological Exploration Of Young People's Use Of Space[5], →ISBN, page 259:

      I'm not their m8s and I feel great cos im free to talk to ne1 else well I was b4 but it feels real gd!!

    • 2009 March 13, "Redman", “Re:OT:Long Shot, Looking 4”, in alt.warez.uk[6] (Usenet):

      Tried that last night with my m8's chipped xbox, played the track, did the hotswap thing and I read you should get an error 21 if memory serves me correctly but it just froze.

m8 - Wiktionary, the free dictionary (2024)
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