Nfr Bronc Riding Standings (2024)

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2. Final 2023 NFR Average Standings - The Cowboy Channel

  • 20 dec 2023 · 3 in the PRCA World Standings. ... Zeke Thurston became the first saddle bronc rider ever to win the World Championship and NFR Average in ...

  • As the payout continues to rise, the NFR Average becomes a more critical piece of the Gold Buckle race with each passing year. In 2023, winners at the NFR cashed in nearly $80,000.

3. UPDATED DAILY: 2023 Wrangler NFR Round Results and Averages

4. Official World Standings Heading into 2023 Wrangler NFR

  • 12 okt 2023 · PRCA Standings Updates · Rodeo Previews. ProRodeo Events. 100 Rodeos in ... SADDLE BRONC RIDING. 1. Stetson Wright, $251,627. 2. Sage Newman ...

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5. PRCA Standings - Rodeo Daily on FanNation - Sports Illustrated

  • Kolby Wanchuk won the saddle bronc riding title at the Parada Del Sol rodeo. He is currently ranked No. 11 in the ProRodeo World Standings with season earnings ...

  • PRCA Standings - Rodeo Daily on FanNation - Sports Illustrated

6. Pro Rodeo Breakaway World Standings - WPRA

  • The following standings are unofficial and subject to audit. Rookies indicated below are unofficial and subject to change. Please contact the WPRA Office ...

7. World Standings – 2020 – PRCA & WPRA - Wrangler Network

  • SEE CURRENT 2021 STANDINGS. Unofficial. Full results at Courtesy of PRCA and WPRA. All-Around Bareback Riding Steer Wrestling Team Roping ...

  •   SEE CURRENT 2021 STANDINGS Unofficial. Full results at Courtesy of PRCA and WPRA. All-Around Bareback Riding Steer Wrestling Team Roping (Headers) Team Roping (Heelers) Saddle Bronc Riding Tie-Down Roping Steer Roping Bull Riding Barrel Racing Breakaway Roping All-Around Standings (After Wrangler NFR Round 10) Rank Name Earnings Hometown ______ _________________ ____________ _______________________ 1 STETSON WRIGHT WORLD CHAMPION $392,302.14 Milford, UT 2 Tuf Cooper $179,411.58 Decatur, TX 3 Clay Smith $166,044.92 Broken Bow, OK 4 Trevor Brazile $94,803.20 Decatur, TX 5 Zack Jongbloed $44,170.15 iowa, LA 6 Thomas Smith $40,401.42 Barnsdall, OK 7 Eli Lord $37,509.02 Sturgis, SD 8 Maverick Harper $17,000.09 Iowa, LA 9 Laramie Allen $16,057.45 Llano, TX 10 Marcus Theriot $15,665.67 Poplarville, MS 11 Luke Gee $13,618.51 Stanford, MT 12 Rhen Richard $13,554.68 Roosevelt, UT 13 Bart Brunson $13,433.44 Terry, MS 14 Blake Deckard $12,308.24 Henryetta, OK 15 Caleb McMillan $10,599.86 Soap Lake, WA Bareback Riding Standings (After Wrangler NFR Round 10) Rank Name Earnings Hometown ______ _________________ ____________ _______________________ 1 KAYCEE FEILD WORLD CHAMPION $277,648.01 Genola, UT 2 Tim O’Connell $270,991.33 Zwingle, IA 3 Jess Pope $220,028.51 Waverly, KS 4 Tanner Aus $174,533.19 Granite Falls, MN 5 Cole Reiner $154,325.02 Kaycee, WY 6 Orin Larsen... Continue Reading

8. Final 2023 PRCA World Standings - Montana Pro Rodeo

  • Final 2023 PRCA World Standings. NFR 2023 World ... SADDLE BRONC RIDING. 1. Zeke Thurston $456,356 2. Sage Newman $397,836 3 ...

  • The dust has settled from the 2023 NFR and this year five athletes – Keenan Hayes, Zeke Thurston, Riley Webb, Brittany Pozzi Tonozzi and Ky Hamilton – set single season earnings records.You can see the full Top 15 in each event below.

9. Results - World Championship Junior Rodeo


  • View complete results of world championship junior rodeo including junior team roping, barrel racing, steer wrestling etc at lazy e arena Guthrie, Oklahoma.

10. Rodeo Standings |

  • UPDATED DAILY: 2023 Wrangler NFR Round Results and Averages. Dec 17, 2023 ; PRCA Standings. Oct 14, 2022 ; Not bad at all: Badlands Circuit Finals selects top ...

  • REQUIREMENTS/DUTIES Feeding cattle, managing herd health, doctoring cattle as needed, equipment operation & maintenance, outbuilding and grounds maintenance.Fencing, haying, processing…

Nfr Bronc Riding Standings (2024)


What are the standings at the NFR? ›

NFR Real-Time Rankings
1Keenan Hayes850.0/10
2Jess Pope845.5/10
7Cole Reiner843.0/10
3Kade Sonnier843.0/10
11 more rows

Who is the number one bronc rider? ›

Sage Newman

What's the highest score you can get in bronc riding? ›

Saddle bronc riding is known as the classic event of rodeo and is likely where rodeo's roots come from. Two judges are in the arena and score the rider and the horse on a scale of 1-25. Their scores are added together for a possible 100 points.

What were the results of round 8 of the NFR? ›

Round 8: 1. Jess Pope, 88.5 points on Championship Pro Rodeo 's The Crow, $30,706; 2. Jacob Lees, 87, $24,268; 3. Rocker Steiner, 86, $18,325; 4.

Does Stetson Wright have a daughter? ›

Stetson Wright surprises us again and again! He shares about his injury, his family, his daughter Kingsley, his thoughts on social media, and what his hopes are for 2024.

Who won the saddle bronc at NFR? ›

During the NFR, Xplosive Skies, ridden by Zeke Thurston, delivered a stellar 91-point ride in Round 5, securing a victory. However, in Round 10, Xplosive Skies bucked off Wyatt Casper. “This means the world," Calgary Stampede's Keith Marrington told Pro Rodeo Sports News.

Who is the tallest saddle bronc rider? ›

Kole Ashbacher, who holds the title of tallest active saddle bronc rider in the PRCA, is No. 10 in the standings. Ashbacher has six rides of 85+ already and is 15-for-16 on the year. His best performance came in Fort Worth, he placed in the first three rounds he competed in and made the Finals.

Has anyone scored 100 in bronc riding? ›

Wolfman is known for being ridden by Wade Leslie for a perfect 100 point score, the only one in history in any rodeo circuit. This happened in 1991 and it greatly enhanced owner Growney Brothers with most of the credit going to Don Kish.

Which saddle bronc rider is married to a Wright? ›

My name is ShaRee Wright and I am the wife to 2x saddle bronc world champion Cody Wright and the mother to Rusty, Ryder, Stetson, Statler and Lily Jo!

Who is the best saddle bronc rider of all time? ›

Arguably the greatest bronc rider of all time, Casey Tibbs was born in 1929 near Pierre, South Dakota. He learned horsemanship on 20-mile, round-trip rides to school and entered professional rodeo competition in 1943.

Is bronc riding safer than bull riding? ›

Bull riding was the most dangerous event, accounting for 20 injuries to 18 competitors; saddle bronc riding and bareback riding followed with 13 injuries each.

How long can bronc riders stay on? ›

When the rider is ready, the gate of the bucking chute is opened and the horse bursts out and begins to buck. The rider attempts to stay on the horse for eight seconds without touching the horse with their free hand.

What was Stetson Wright's injury? ›

A torn hamstring that he had toughed out during the regular season took over at the worst possible time. It was a tough decision to come to and he is now on the road to recovery. “I've had injuries. I can ride with pain.

Is Josh Frost related to Lane Frost? ›

The late rodeo cowboy Lane Frost is the second cousin of Josh Frost. As Josh is also a member of a Rodeo family and has accomplished significant successes, many people wondered if he is related to the world champion bull rider and five-time NFR qualifier Lane Frost. Josh and Lane never met.

Is Kassie Mowry married? ›

Single… Hobbies include boating as she is a self-described “water baby.”…

What were the results of the 9th round of the NFR? ›

Round 9: 1. Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp, 3.5 seconds, $30,706 each; 2. (tie) Rhen Richard/Jeremy Buhler and Tanner Tomlinson/Patrick Smith, 3.6, $21,296 each; 4.

What were the results of round 4 of the NFR? ›

Round 4: 1. Clint Summers/Jake Long, 3.7 seconds, $30,706 each; 2. Luke Brown/Hunter Koch, 3.9, $24,268; 3. Tyler Wade/Wesley Thorp, 4.0, $18,325; 4.

What happened to Stetson Wright? ›

Stetson Wright, a seven-time world champion, has ended his 2023 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo early due to a hamstring injury.

How much has Stetson Wright made this year? ›

Contestant Career
YearWorld StandingEarnings
3 more rows

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