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Almost 2500 students live on campus in six coed residence halls and the Greek Village. More than 50 percent of first-year students live on campus. First-year students live in Cypress, Martinson, and Redwood Halls. Upper-class students may reside in any hall. Rooms are fully furnished (bed, desk, chair, closet, dresser), air-conditioned, wireless, and wired for the Internet and offer Residence Life Cinema (streaming service). Cable services are not provided. Each hall has common areas and facilities including lounges, study areas, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Snack and soda machines, recreational equipment (pool, ping-pong, large screen televisions, etc.), and mail service are also provided.

Redwood Hall houses approximately 200 first-year and upper-class students in single and double rooms. Two community bathrooms are located on each floor.

Martinson Hall, formerly known as Honors Hall,houses approximately 360 first-year and upper-class students in single and double rooms. Suites have a shared bathroom. The building features a dining facility, convenience store, and fitness center. Residents assigned to the Honors Hall must be accepted to the Albert Doman Honors College.

Oak Hall houses approximately 170 upper-class students in both suite-style rooms and apartments. Suite-style rooms are double occupancy with a kitchenette and shared bathroom. Each apartment has a kitchen, living room and bathroom. Apartment choices include a single bedroom with a double bedroom or two double bedrooms.

Laurel Hall houses approximately 570 upper-class students in single and double rooms. Each suite has a shared bathroom and foyer.

Maple Hall houses 548 upper-class students in 176 apartments. The building features an outdoor terrace, outdoor kitchen, firepits, an esports lounge, numerous single rooms, and kitchens with modern appliances.

Cypress Hallis a coed facility that houses approximately 420 first-year, upper-class, and graduate students in single and double rooms. Suites are comprised of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom and foyer.

Greek Villagehouses approximately 200 upper-class and graduate students in eight houses. Members of fraternity and sorority life and nonmembers live in single and double rooms. Suites are comprised of two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Each house has a common kitchen, dining, and living area (parlor space).

NJIT students use electronic cards for access to the residence halls. Desk attendants are on duty 24 hours a day and provide security for the residence halls by monitoring hall entrances and swiping resident IDs. All guests must have a valid government-issued photo ID and must be signed into the residence hall by a resident host. All guests must be accompanied by their hosts at all times. Residents wishing to host a guest under the age of 16 must receive permission from Residence Life; parental/guardian consent is required.

Residence Life has staff on-duty in each hall during non-business hours. Also, NJIT’s Department of Public Safety Office police and public safety officers patrol campus 24 hours a day. Patrols are conducted on foot, in cars, and on bicycles. Additionally, campus emergency phones are located on campus. Rooftop surveillance cameras are mounted throughout campus and monitored around the clock.

Once you have been admitted to NJIT and submitted your $250 university deposit, you can complete the Housing Application and Contract:

Applications for first-year students received by May 1 are guaranteed on-campus housing. After May 1, housing is assigned based on the distance you live from campus, need, and date of application.

Returning residents will have the opportunity to apply for housing and participate in a room selection process that occurs during the spring semester.

Transfer and Graduate students may apply on an ongoing basis in which they are assigned in the order their application was received and space availability.

For additional information please view our website: contact us via emailreslife@njit.eduor call 973.596.3039.

Food Services

The Dining facilities are located in the Campus Center and the first floor of the Martinson hall Residence. NJIT's private food services vendor, Gourmet Dining, operates all of the dining options on campus. Meal plan options include both Continuous Dining and Tech Bucks options. The Continuous Dining meal plans, A-E, features continuous dining with unlimited returns during all of the posted hours. Tech Bucks can be used at Continuous Dining (for those without meal plans or only have tech bucks), Bonsai Sushi, Forte Pizzeria, C-Store Express, Tech Café, Leaf and Grains, Taco Bell & Highlander Hub.

All residential students with less than 57 earned credits are required to select a meal plan from A-E. After one reaches 57 credits, they may drop their plan for the next semester or select from any available plan.

For hours and a complete listing of what is available please check

Residence Life < New Jersey Institute of Technology (2024)
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