Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (2023)


Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (2)

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Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (4)

Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (5)

When we think of purchasing a car, it’s admirable that we can achieve our 1st vehicle where it’s usually in a budget less than 800k. But for professionals who aims more than the usual small sized sedan or budget vehicle, an SUV is adequate to fulfill your cravings for a more adventurous driving experience.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (6)

The SUV category is growing today and with people looking for a vehicle, that can represent the success and needs of an adventure of hungry millennials. One vehicle that can differentiate you from the rest is the Suzuki Grand Vitara. This 2.4L SUV has decades of reputation coming from the famous “Vitara” lineup, but is it enough to feed your hunger?


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With other reviews online of this vehicle’s performance, we will be focusing more on the smaller details for what people similar to our age looks for…and that is sometimes a factor that leads to a good buy or not.

Exterior Design

The Grand Vitara is bigger than the more known Vitara, hence the word “Grand” with better specifications and size. The box type body is welcomed with more circular edges and corners giving it a more friendly and pleasing look. The spare tire is placed at the back door with the usual special cover of “Suzuki”, suggesting a more explorative attitude.

(Video) 2010 Suzuki Grand Vitara Limited V6 4X4 - Drive Time Review | TestDriveNow

Our test unit’s color was called “Gaia Bronze Pearl Metallic”, it was a pleasing dark bronze/mocha color that looked elegant and sporty at the same time. We have to give special attention to the front grill cause of its striking looks yet carrying the old Vitara image.

(Video) 2013 Suzuki Grand Vitara: Behind the Scenes of a TFLcar Off-Road Review

Signal indicators are average, not much to the wow factor side but still functional and deliverthe job. The 18″ alloy wheels is a pleasant sight, it adds attitude, commanding presence, and sportiness.


If there is one thing we loved with the Grand Vitara, that would be the capability to bring everything. The storage space is big where the 2nd row can be folded to provide bigger spaces, enough to fit several big boxes or even appliances or baggage for 5 people.

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The Grand Vitara doesn’t have leather seats as anoption, but the interior has sporty lining material which still acceptable. Interior material is mostly plastic on the dashboard with Champagne gold accents both on the seats, steering, and dashboard.

Functional storage is located all throughout the car with dedicated water bottle placements at the door. The center console is also nice with movable arm rest, two drinks placement and even the spacious glove compartment.

Focusing on the front is the dashboard with circular based shapes, from the instrument panel, aircon vents and even aircon controls give the sporty and edgy look. While matte finished plastic and chrome accents give the “premiums” side of the car.

Driving Experience

We’re going to make this short, the Suzuki Grand Vitara is using a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine with 4 speed automatic.With 230hp is the engine’s output the acceleration doesn’t have any problem to push itself to go 100kph when needed, just mind the above average engine roar.

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Although at normal conditions, when placed to “drive” the response of the gear shift is quite slow. When we pushed the acceleration, there is almost a half second delay before the engine kicks in or feeling the pull.

Activating the A/T Power enables higher RPMs at lower shifts, this enables faster climbing and speed for overtaking or pulling a vehicle. Although, the 4-speed automatic does roar a lot even at stable speeds of 60-80kph. We wished that it could have been 5 speed automatic to provide better handling and fuel efficiency.

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Turns and steep climbs are fairly capable, we didn’t felt any skidwhen we went to baler’s zigzag trails but the suspension could improve more. When in urban driving, it handles well in comfort but the late acceleration response could be an annoying factor in traffic conditions.


Surprisingly with Suzuki’s lineup last 2016, they upgraded their entertainment system by utilizing an android system with GPS navigation. The upgrade has its own ups and down and we will try to explain one by one.

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Imagine an android table at your console, this means that everything including controls and audio. We loved the touch screen control for the FM radio but proved to pair the Bluetooth controls quite a task.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (26)

(Video) The Suzuki Vitara is all the car most SUV buyers need! | ReDriven used car review

The microphone is placed at the top left corner at the side of the driver, communication using the system is superb which we highly appreciate.

The tablet is powered by a dated processor which, to be honest that we weren’t able to make the GPS work despite updating the google maps and having good internet connection. Loading the map proved to be a task with the android unit which didn’t load on time and has late response to our current location.You can add apps to the tablet like a normal tablet, but we don’t recommend it due to the lack of processing power might slow down the tablet even further.

Though we appreciate the three USB ports (1) center + 2 at the glove compartment for connecting any device to watch videos or play movies. There is even a micro SD card slot for quick access of files as well.

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The tablet also controls the reverse camera which has VGA resolution and does the job but there isn’t any backup sensor as well. One downside is that the audio pauses when you activate the reverse screen, quite a weird manner as the reverse camera doesn’t produce any sound as well.

Lastly, since the tablet controls the audio of the entertainment system the audio chip isn’t impressive as expected. This resulted to flat audio quality of the speaker system, we tried to isolate if this can be fixed with the onboard equalizer but it only limited to a few improvements.

Fuel consumption

Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (28)

The 2.4L engine and 4-speed automatic is a recipe for gas guzzling, our trip to baler which was a total of 600kms. We spent more than 57 liters of 93 octane gas for the trip, in average that’s around 10.5km per liter.

The consumption isn’t pleasing especially for a long drive travel, to be honest, we are disappointed in this division for Suzuki.

For city driving, we are averaging 5.5km per liter, 10-12km for long term drive and around 8km per liter for no-traffic urban driving. To be honest, we were diligent enough to be aware of our diving and used several tactics to save on gas.

Note: All indications are based on the internal instrument panel of the Grand Vitara

Some issues

As compared to other vehicles we have tried, the Grand Vitara seems to lack some “standard” functions we see on a car worth more than a million pesos.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (29)

  1. The driver’s window doesn’t have an automatic pull-up – we appreciate the automatic window dropping but there isn’t for pulling up, somethingyou’ll definitely notice lacking.
  2. No automatic lock-up for doors – Our experience with Toyota, Mitsubishi, and Kia, all doors locks up when reaching a certain speed. We didn’t see this function with the Vitara, hence we encountered one drive around with our doors unlocked all the time.
  3. Auto-Aircon disables air cycle – Once we press the auto of the aircon it disables the air cycle which lets air from outside come in. Very unusual method especially that it’s not really recommended turning the air intake with aircon activated, hopefully, this is only a software glitch that Suzuki can fix.
  4. Rear door is designed for left side driving – The rear doors open to the right which blocks the path when loading cargo. We hope Suzuki considered this for right side driving such as the Philippines, as this dilemma also applies to other countries.Suzuki Grand Vitara Special Edition Drive Review - News and Reviews (30)


Overall the Grand Vitara is a delight to drive but ourconscience of having a gas saving drive disturbs us. Probably for an individual who will own their 1st SUV will also think the same, the gas guzzling engine just simply veers us away from the good things the Vitara offers.

The Grand Vitara Special Edition costs Php1,210,000a price that is quite steep against its competitors. If you need the power, the Grand Vitara is an option considering but withreservations.

(Video) 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara Review and Drive

What we love

  • Powerful engine
  • 18-inch wheels and delightful color design
  • Big space offering

What we don’t like

  • Lack of safety automation (Doors and Windows)
  • Gas guzzler
  • Mediocre audio performance
  • Android tablet could improve more

For more details of the Suzuki Grand Vitara visit the Suzuki website


Is the Suzuki Grand Vitara a reliable SUV? ›

Based on the results reported in the model-specific JD Power consumer survey, it is safe to say that the Suzuki Grand Vitara is indeed a reliable vehicle. However, should you consider a used model, be sure to do a thorough inspection as the condition greatly depends on how the vehicle was used throughout its lifespan.

Is Suzuki Grand Vitara worth buying? ›

Grand vitara 2022 is a good beginning for all medal class family's and also good for pricing and i suggested to buy people who are planning to buy car under 10 lakes then coming to mileage in city 18kmpl mileage and highway 21kmpl mileage and it is very easy to maintain and maintenance is under 6000 per service… and ...

What are common problems in the Suzuki Grand Vitara? ›

Top Suzuki Grand Vitara Problems
  • Low Beam Head Light. ...
  • Oil Leak/Noise Due to Timing Chain Cover Gasket/Tensioner Failure. ...
  • AC Condenser Fan Motor May Fail. ...
  • Creaking or Squeaking Noise From Sway Bar Bushings. ...
  • Drive Belt Noise. ...
  • Revised Seal to Correct Leak at Right Front Axle. ...
  • PCM Software Update Available.

Why was Grand Vitara discontinued? ›

Imported as a completely built-up (CBU) unit, the Grand Vitara XL-7 didn't find buyers. In four years, the carmaker could sell only 335 units. In 2007, the carmaker launched the new-generation of the SUV, this time called the Grand Vitara. But it could sell only 1,291 units and discontinued it in 2013.

What is the common problem of Suzuki? ›

Suzuki cars are prone to problems ranging from transmission system issues to faulty engine systems, bad timing chain tensioners, and burnt-out head bulbs, among other problems specific to each model.

What year did Grand Vitara avoid? ›

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the problem is caused by the leather seat upholstery, which can shrink over time because of exposure to high humidity and temperatures. As a result, Suzuki has recalled certain 2006 to 2013 Grand Vitara models.

Is Grand Vitara engine good? ›

The Grand Vitara, powered by Suzuki's 1.5 Dualjet, puts out 103hp – a fair amount. It is down on torque, however, when compared to rivals, and what torque there is, a maximum of 137Nm, only comes in fully at 4,400rpm. What skews performance even further is that it is clearly tuned for fuel efficiency.

Is Suzuki Grand Vitara 2022 a reliable car? ›

Maruti Grand Vitara is an excellent car. It has very good mileage and comfort. It has stylish features even in the base variant as well.

Is Grand Vitara good for long drive? ›

This is a comfortable car for a long drive with good features. The best car in India at this price with good mileage, cooling and a sunroof view in the front.

Who makes the Suzuki Vitara engine? ›

The vehicle was developed by Suzuki using the Global C platform shared with the SX4 S-Cross and the Vitara. The mild hybrid model, marketed as "Smart Hybrid" by Suzuki and "NeoDrive" by Toyota, uses Suzuki's 1.5-litre K15C four-cylinder engine and the Smart Hybrid system developed by Suzuki.

What is the difference between Suzuki Vitara and Grand Vitara? ›

With a length of 4345mm, a width of 1795mm, and a height of 1645mm, the Grand Vitara is longer, wider, and taller. Wheelbase, on the other hand, comes in at 2600mm which makes it 100mm more than the Vitara AllGrip.

Is Suzuki Vitara fuel-efficient? ›

The 2022 Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is the new flagship SUV in the company's portfolio. Also, with a claimed mileage of up to 27.97 kmpl, it is now the most fuel-efficient SUV in the country. The engine and transmission-wise mileage figures of the new Grand Vitara are mentioned below.

What replaced the Grand Vitara? ›

The Suzuki Vitara is a series of SUVs produced by Suzuki in five generations since 1988. The second, third-generation and 2022 models are known as the Suzuki Grand Vitara, with the fourth generation eschewing the "Grand" prefix.
Third generation (JT; 2005)
Third generation (JT)
SuccessorSuzuki Across (Europe)
19 more rows

Is a Grand Vitara a real 4x4? ›

The Suzuki Vitara is a compact and inexpensive 4x4 that has been designed from the ground up to be an affordable, inexpensive and incredibly practical SUV that does what it's supposed to.

Is Suzuki Grand Vitara made in Japan? ›

The 4-cyl. Tracker and Vitara are virtual twins built at the CAMI assembly plant, a Suzuki-GM joint venture in Ingersoll, Ont. The Grand Vitara is made in Japan.

Is Suzuki as reliable as Toyota? ›

Following Suzuki at the top of the reliability rankings was Lexus (97.5%) and Toyota (96.8%), with Kia, Mitsubishi and Subaru all tied for fourth place with a score of 95.8%.

Are Suzuki cars better than Toyota? ›

Toyotas generally have a higher brand value and perception than a Maruti Suzuki, which could weigh in your favour; 4) Both companies offer good aftersales service, and although Maruti Suzuki is more widespread, Toyota has a reputation for its service quality.

Is Suzuki more reliable than Honda? ›

Suzuki and Honda are tied for second place according to the Consumer Reports survey. However, Honda has a much stronger reputation for reliability.

Does Suzuki Vitara use Fiat engine? ›

Suzuki offered only one diesel engine, the Fiat-built 1.6-litre DDiS, with just two models – the Vitara and SX4 S-Cross.

Is a Suzuki Grand Vitara a 4x4 or an AWD? ›

Maruti has announced that its upcoming Creta-rivalling mid-size SUV based on the Toyota Hyryder will be called Grand Vitara and will come with an AWD configuration.

Did Suzuki stop making Grand Vitara? ›

Whispers of a new Grand Vitara have circled for years, ever since production of the four-wheel-drive ended in 2019, however this is the first official confirmation of a new 'GV'. The 2023 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be unveiled on 20 July 2022.

Where is Suzuki Grand Vitara made? ›

Suzuki unveils Grand Vitara – made by Toyota – in India.

Which engine does Grand Vitara use? ›

The Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara only gets a 1.5L Hybrid engine, which is available with a 0-speed Automatic, 5-speed Manual and a 6-speed Automatic transmission. The Hybrid engine makes 116PS of power at 5500rpm and 122Nm of torque at 4800rpm. The ex-showroom prices of the 2022 Grand Vitara start from Rs.

Is Suzuki Vitara a safe car? ›

One of its major safety features is Total Effective Control Technology which is a concept for occupant protecting impact absorption and low weight developed by Suzuki.
​Adult occupant​ 89%​80%
​Safety Assist​75%​70%
1 more row

Is there a new Suzuki Grand Vitara coming out? ›

Due out around 2025, the redesigned small SUV would be only the fifth to use the Vitara name since 1988.

Where is Suzuki Vitara 2022 made? ›

2022 Suzuki Vitara TURBO Specifications

The Vitara is regarded as a small SUV built in Japan with prices from a dealer as a used car starting at $33,500.

Is there a new Suzuki Vitara coming out in 2022? ›

New Suzuki Vitara Full Hybrid 2022 review | Auto Express.

Is the Vitara underpowered? ›

That variant has a CVT gearbox, total power output from the petrol engine, and batteries of 114PS. The K15-equipped variants have a power output of 103PS. Truth be told, it felt a bit underpowered on the hills, especially compared to the fact that even the lower output engines from their rivals have a minimum of 115PS.

What is the top speed of Suzuki Grand Vitara? ›

We managed a top speed of 135 kmph with this version and it felt quite comfortable at this point.

Is Suzuki Grand Vitara a Toyota? ›

A Toyota and a Suzuki

The Grand Vitara is a vehicle that combines the capabilities of both Toyota and Suzuki. It's a rare vehicle that combines Suzuki's famous Global C platform, the AllGrip four-wheel drive, and a strong hybrid system found in the Hilux, Camry and Prius, and other Toyota technologies.

What does Vitara mean in Japanese? ›

In Japan the Vitara is sold as the Escudo, while in North America the first generation was known as the Sidekick. The choice of the name ”Vitara” was inspired by the English word “vital,” as in “vitality.”

Are Suzuki reliable cars? ›

Suzuki is celebrating some great news from the results of the 2021 What Car? Reliability Survey. Following reports from over 16,300 readers about their car ownership experience for vehicles up to five years old, Suzuki ranked joint third out of the 30 car brands measured with a score of 97.1% reliability.

What country makes Suzuki Vitara? ›

About the Suzuki Vitara

The Suzuki Vitara is available in eight variants, is classed as a Small SUV and is built in Hungary. Buyers can choose from both unleaded petrol or premium unleaded petrol engines.

Can Grand Vitara run on battery? ›

The advanced electric hybrid system from Maruti Suzuki is a full hybrid technology that can drive on battery power, alone and operate in fuel efficient, zero emissions mode.

Are Suzuki automatics reliable? ›

As we said, Japanese car manufacturers are renowned for their reliability and Suzuki are no different. ... Suzuki scored a reliability index of just 50, which is well above the industry average of 118.

Does a Suzuki Grand Vitara have a frame? ›

As for the chassis, all Grand Vitaras are fitted with Suzuki's new four-wheel-drive system and a clever monocoque construction, incorporating a separate ladder frame element for extra rigidity.

Does Grand Vitara have low range? ›

Each and every version of the Vitara, Grand or otherwise, could be had with low-range four-wheel drive, a full-frame chassis, and coil springs front and rear, and two-door models offered a soft convertible top.

How do you put a Suzuki Grand Vitara in 4wd? ›

Lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, push in on the selector knob and rotate the selector from 4H to 4H Lock. Slowly reapply pressure to the accelerator and resume driving. The 4H Lock will provide more traction to all four wheels.

Is Suzuki Vitara a reliable vehicle? ›

Suzuki Vitara reliability

Suzuki owners were happy with running costs, acceleration, handling and value, but the brand came 21st out of 29 manufacturers in our Driver Power manufacturer poll – a drop from 14th place in 2021.

What is the difference between a Suzuki Vitara and a Grand Vitara? ›

Size-wise, it's clear that the Grand Vitara is the larger crossover in this comparo. It's also more spacious thanks to the longer wheelbase. And should you need to go over uneven terrain or floodwaters, the Grand Vitara offers more peace of mind thanks to its higher ground clearance.

Are Suzuki Grand Vitaras good on fuel? ›

The Vitara is a relatively inexpensive car to run, and the mild-hybrid engine brings good fuel economy, with an official WLTP figure from 49.7mpg.

Do Suzuki Vitaras hold their value? ›

The Vitara isn't known for holding its value well compared with key rivals, which is good news if you're buying used.

Which Vitara engine is best? ›

Our chosen engine in the Suzuki Vitara is the 1.4-litre petrol engine that produces 127bhp and uses mild-hybrid technology to give it a little extra performance without sacrificing fuel-efficiency. In fact, you won't notice the extra assistance but that's not to say it's slow.

Are Suzuki cars expensive to repair? ›

With reasonable reliability ratings, annual maintenance for a Suzuki averages about $530, which is less than the average vehicle on the road.

Is Grand Vitara made by Toyota? ›

The biggest change is that it is the first vehicle manufactured by Toyota at its Bengaluru plant and delivered to Maruti Suzuki's showroom. In other words, a Suzuki with Toyota quality and Maruti price. The Grand Vitara is a vehicle that combines the capabilities of both Toyota and Suzuki.

Are Suzuki cars worth buying? ›

Suzuki is celebrating some great news from the results of the 2021 What Car? Reliability Survey. Following reports from over 16,300 readers about their car ownership experience for vehicles up to five years old, Suzuki ranked joint third out of the 30 car brands measured with a score of 97.1% reliability.

What is a Suzuki Vitara comparable to? ›

Maruti's new hybrid SUV rivals the Toyota Hyryder, Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Taigun, Skoda Kushaq, MG Astor and the Nissan Kicks.

Are Suzuki engines good? ›

While Suzuki isn't as well-known for its outboard motors, people who own one and use them regularly have only good things to say about these motors. Suzuki has been increasing in popularity because they produce high-quality, reliable engines at an affordable price.


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