United States Track & Field and Cross Country Running News | Top Stories, Headlines, Articles (2024)

COROS Distance Runner Of The Year Goes To Elizabeth Leachman Olivia Ekpone Jul 09, 2024

Boerne Champion's (TX) Elizabeth Leachman is named COROS Distance Athlete Of The Year honor.

TCU Lands Two Big-Time Recruits In The Class Of 2024 Tim Casey Jul 09, 2024

Since taking over as Texas Christian University's head coach in August 2022, Khadevis Robinson has helped the Horned Frogs improve.

COROS MileSplit50 Girls All-Americans Across Events Olivia Ekpone Jul 08, 2024

Along with the COROS MileSplit50 rankings, these girls are the top-ranked All-Americans for each discipline.

The Top 500 Returning Junior Girls This Fall In XC Maxx Bradley Jul 08, 2024

Check out the top 500 girls in the junior class who are returning this fall.

COROS MileSplit50 Boys All-Americans Across Events Cory Mull Jul 08, 2024

Check out who we named as COROS MileSplit50 All-Americans across event disciplines.

Ellie Shea Is The Latest Star Runner To Commit To NC State Tim Casey Jul 05, 2024

For the past few years, North Carolina State has emerged as the premier women's distance program in the country.

Quincy Wilson Wins COROS MileSplit50 AOY Cory Mull Jul 05, 2024

The 'Quincy' effect began happening in March. The Bullis School's performances just kept improving.

COROS MileSplit50: Sadie Engelhardt Finishes 2024 On Top Olivia Ekpone Jul 05, 2024

After her historic performances, Sadie Engelhardt of Ventura finishes the 2024 spring season at the top of the COROS MileSplit50 rankings.

COROS MileSplit50: Quincy Wilson, Christian Miller And More Cory Mull Jul 05, 2024

Check in on our final COROS MileSplit50 boys top 50 rankings to finish out the 2024 season.

Rhode Islander Lisa Raye Is Our Underclassmen AOY Campbell Choate Jul 05, 2024

Lisa Raye (West Warwick HS) won 4 state championships this outdoor season and became the U.S. high school girls leader in the 200m with a time of 22.77.

Texas Freshman Cooper Lutkenhaus Named Underclassmen AOY Maxx Bradley Jul 05, 2024

Cooper Lutkenhaus won a state title, and broke the freshman class record, as well as becoming the 8th fastest half-miler in prep history.

'She's Definitely Way Ahead Of Anyone I've Ever Coached' Tim Casey Jul 03, 2024

Throughout his career, Petros Kyprianou has coached numerous top-tier multi-event athletes and jumpers. JaiCieonna Gero-Holt is built different.

The Top 500 Returning Sophom*ore Boys This Fall In XC Maxx Bradley Jul 03, 2024

Take a look at the top returning sophom*ore boys heading into the 2024 cross country season.

The Top 500 Incoming Freshmen Boys This Fall In XC Maxx Bradley Jul 01, 2024

Take a look at the top freshman boys heading into the fall cross country season.

Quincy Wilson Makes Relay Pool, Christian Miller Left Off Cory Mull Jul 01, 2024

It was ecstasy and heartbreak for two equally talented high school track and field stars on Sunday.

Scottie Vines Caps Historic Season In Olympic Trials Final Bobby Reyes Jun 30, 2024

DeBeque senior and Colorado state record holder Scottie Vines finished 12th at the 2024 US Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

Vance Nilsson Runs US No. 4 All-Time 400H At Olympic Trials William Grundy Jun 29, 2024

At the US Olympic Trials, Vance Nilsson ties the US No. 4 all-time performance in the 400-meter hurdles.

Christian Miller Locks Down Gatorade National POY Honor Cory Mull Jun 29, 2024

Christian Miller was named Gatorade's National Player of the Year on Friday.

These 5 Underclassmen Boys Excelled At Nationals Tim Casey Jun 27, 2024

We highlight five boys from the Class of 2026 who excelled at those meets and gained attention from college programs.

Sadie Engelhardt's Historic Year Leads To National Honor Cory Mull Jun 27, 2024

Ventura High School junior Sadie Engelhardt, 17, was named Gatorade's National Player of the Year on Thursday.

These 5 Underclassmen Girls Boosted Their Stock At Nationals Tim Casey Jun 25, 2024

We highlight five girls from the Class of 2026 who thrived at those national competitions and caught the eye of college coaches.

Quincy Wilson Will Stay Prepared For Possible Relay Duty William Grundy Jun 25, 2024

After not qualifying for the Paris Olympics in the 400m, Quincy Wilson will stay ready just in case he gets call for relay duty.

Cuthbertson Trio Leaves Unmatched Legacy Brett Honeycutt Jun 25, 2024

The trio of Bell, Kermes and Preisano made a case as possibly the best ever in national high school history

Am I Dreaming? Wilkinson Nears Qualification for Olympics Ryan Kotajarvi Jun 24, 2024

Wilkinson journeys from D3 Carleton to D1 Minnesota, not to the Olympics!

Future Stars: Underclassmen Win Big At National Champs Maxx Bradley Jun 24, 2024

Here are five future stars to keep an eye on over the next few years.

Mark Dwyer Jun 23, 2024

The Charlotte, North Carolina based duo of Evan and Aron Boykin picked up 100m and shot put victories in Bermuda.

Jasmine Moore Earns Trip To Paris And Second Olympic Team William Grundy Jun 23, 2024

Jasmine Moore won the USATF Olympic Trials triple jump competition.

Sha'Carri Richardson Is Olympic Favorite After Trials Win William Grundy Jun 23, 2024

Dallas Carter graduate, Sha'Carri Richardson just might be the woman to beat in Paris Olympic Games.

United States Track & Field and Cross Country Running News | Top Stories, Headlines, Articles (2024)
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