63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (2024)

Getting a heart finger tattoo on a hand is one of my favorite trends right now… The small, subtle detail that a tiny heart design can add to an overall look is unparalleled.

You can go dainty or heavy, thick or thin line, and either way it’s going to be a precious heart detail.

It’s a great detail to add to a hand full of ink but you can also start off your love of hand tattoos with a small design like this. A heart is a simple piece and not super committal as a first tattoo or a first tattoo in a new spot.

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If you’re considering this tattoo for your next one, here are several ideas that are going to wow you and help decide which style that you like best.

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Why Get A Heart Finger Tattoo On Your Hand?

In short, I just think they’re a really cute addition to whatever other tattoos you have going on. Whether you’ve got a ton or none, a heart is such a classic look & adds something so sweet, which is always fun since ink sometimes has the reputation of being the opposite of sweet!

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Red Hearts

A red heart stands out and is a bold little splash of color, especially if you only have black tattoos.

1. Hollow + Dots

Not only do I love the hollowed out red heart, I love the coordinating red hearts leading up the finger. Adding a little to the design adds so much dimension to it!

2. Filled In

A classic filled in heart, right on your ring finger.

3. Extremely Delicate

This supremely tiny red heart in the middle of your finger might be the best next tattoo for you.

4. King Of Hearts

Traditional style of tattoos on your fingers are cooler in sets. Bulky and bold and you’ve got some of the coolest tattoos around.

5. Black Outline

A black outline is an original take on a reed filled in heart.

6. Matching Ivy

I’m obsessed this is the combination pair of this big hollow heart with a hollow ivy vine. Curating a whole set of hand tattoos is what’s the most fun about getting ink on your fingers.

7. Under Your Nail

An itty bitty heart right under your nail.

8. Oversized Empty Heart

I love this large empty heart on the bottom section of your middle finger.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (3)


I love teeny tiny detail tattoos. I think they’re so fun to have sprinkled throughout your collection of ink. They just add so much dynamic to it that you can’t resist the little details!

9. Empty Heart

The tiniest fine line, empty small heart tattoo is so so precious.

10. With Initial

Whether your own or someone you love’s initial is a cute way to personalize this classic tattoo idea.

11. Sketch Style

This heart in a sketch style is perfection… Not meeting exactly in the middle makes it a little personalized.

12. <3 + Me

The “me” inside of the heart is a great reminder if you’re looking for one that you are all you need.

13. Dainty

Just about any finger tattoo you get is going to be pretty dainty by default, but this one above all the others is daintiest.

14. Green

Green may not be our go-to version of the tiny carry you in my heart tattoo, but this is so cool! I love this idea.

15. White Ink

A white ink tattoo is one of the coolest and most subtle you can get. Ideal if you’re looking for something low-key on your hands.

16. Thumb Placement

I love a mini tattoo on the thumb. It’s too cute!

17. Just Under The Nail

Just like the red one, I love a black outline just under your nail that simply adds something lovely to your nail art.

18. On The Inside

The inside of the hand is a really cool tattoo idea too.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (4)

Middle Finger

A middle finger tattoo is always fun for obvious reasons. And adding something cute and sweet like a heart is cute too, counteracting the less-than-sweet uses of your middle finger.

I call that ironic humor.

19. Pretty And Plain

Keep it simple.

20. Sketch Lines

The sketch line heart that isn’t perfect is my all time favorite kind, and I love this one inside the middle finger.

21. Padlock Heart

This is an incredible style of art done for a heart tattoo.

22. Set Of Four Symbols

I love collecting different symbols across your fingers, and having a heart at the center keeps it light and a little girly.

23. Full Hand Piece

Attach a full hand piece to the heart like this tiger.

24. Seeing Double

A set of hearts on the inside of the middle finger.

25. Fine Line

The fine line heart on the top section of your finger is perfect to have on your middle finger. Edgy and cool and cute.

26. Large Red Outline

If you want something bold and brash for a middle finger tattoo, a large and brightly colored hollow heart works just great.

27. Classic

A classic, thick lined heart is a fun middle finger tattoo!

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (5)

Best Friend

Matching a heart finger tattoo with your best friend is a really cute way to go for matching friend tattoos. Nothing says “love” like a heart.

28. Furry Friend

This isn’t exactly what we’re talking about, but let’s just say that your furry friend is your best friend.

29. A Trio Classic

They don’t have to be big to show big love! If you and your trio of girlies need a little bit of fun with ink, this is a perfect idea.

30. Red Outlines

A precious and simple idea.

31. Finish The Heart

Much like the half heart necklaces we shared with our friends in our youth, a half heart is the perfect finger tattoo with your bestie.

32. Finger Tips

I love the way of having such a teeny tiny tattoo that shows someone how much you love them.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (6)


Black is classic and keeps the heart subtle. It’s fun and low-key.

33. Pinky Placement

Putting a heart on your pinky is too cute. Something dainty for your smallest finger.

34. Inside Pinky

Tattoos inside your hand is unique and different, and it’s too fun.

35. Bubbles

I’m in love with the way that this one looks like bubbles going up your thumb! So cute for something so small.

36. Contrast

The contrast of the fine line work on this one in comparison to the bolder lines in the other tattoos on her hand makes the heart stand out.

37. Placement

Between your two knuckles, this is one of my favorite finger tattoo placements.

38. Anatomical Heart

The classic sketch heart is cute and all, but an anatomical heart is so cool, and makes for an attention grabbing piece on your hands.

39. Tilt

The slightest differences, like a tilt on the ring finger, makes the classic tattoos a little more interesting.

40. Upside Down

The upside down is a precious flip of the finger tattoo.

41. Little Dots

The little dots at the bottom of the tattoos are such cute details that add so much to the tattoo.

42. Filled In

The fill in under the nail is a bold statement.

43. Minuscule

This one almost emulates a freckle, but it’s too cute.

44. Pinky Symbols

An arrow is a classic symbol, just as timeless as the heart tattoo. Getting them together is a combination you will never get tired of.

45. Ring Finger

A simple ring finger reminder is just perfect.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (7)


A broken heart tattoo is edgy and moody, and it probably stands for something symbolic for you. There are some classic versions of this design and some more interesting ones. Let’s take a look.

46. Jagged Edge

The jagged edge of this broken heart is a classic design that represents… Well, a broken heart.

47. Full Set

A full set of symbols and icons.

48. Fine Line

These fine line tattoos

49. Two Parts

Whether you share this with your parter, bestie, or yourself, having each part on your thumbs to come together is pretty cool.

50. Dainty

This tiny version is pretty cute!

51. Ring Finger

The ring finger is a statement piece, but it’s definitely super edgy.

52. Broken And Whole

Having the contrast of the broken and whole hearts on either of your hands is a classic.

53. Inside

The inside of your finger is a wonderful space for your new broken heart tattoo! Especially in the red ink, which adds a cool look to it already.

54. Coordinating Symbols

All of the classic and traditional symbols like lightning bolts and fire make a broken heart tattoo keep the edge.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (8)


Just like the best friends ones, there’s nothing that says “I love you” like a heart does.

I love this idea, it’s simple and cute, without all the fuss of an elaborate matching tattoo.

55. Matching Red Hearts

A solid red heart is just the right combination of bold and subtle.

56. Hollowed Out

You don’t get more minimal and simple than a hollowed out, black, single line heart tattoo with your lover.

57. Red And Black

Matching isn’t always exact, sometimes it can be coordinating or a matching style in different colors.

58. Ace And King

The Ace and King cards rule the top of the deck together, and so do you and your partner, so you should get something that reflects that.

59. Initials

The initials with the heart is another cute way to tie yourself to another with ink.

60. Ring Finger

Sketch heart, right there. On your ring finger.

61. Matching Initials

Don’t stop at the matching hearts! Match your initials too.

62. Heart Rings

Replace your rings with these dainty heart ring tattoos.

63. Significant Other’s Initial

Get this cute design of your SO’s initial inside the heart!

How Badly Do They Hurt?

Hands might be some of the most tender places to get tattooed, considering how bony they are. You definitely have some more tender skin in other places on your body, but very few have such soft skin as well as bony areas.

As an avid hand tattoo recipient, I will say that the fingers are an easy one to get done, especially considering that they are so small, it goes by so fast!

It’s thin skin pretty directly on a bone, but it’s nothing you can’t handle… Promise!

Even if you have a low pain tolerance like I do, you’ll be okay. This is different for everybody, but I don’t have the highest pain tolerance and I can sit through the 10 minutes of stinging for these tattoos.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (9)

Heart finger tattoos are some of the easiest pieces you can get while you’re finishing up filling space across your hands. Or it is an easy one to get at the beginning of this journey. Either way, it’s a perfect tattoo for anywhere you are in your tattoo adventure.

If you’re not too sure about which style and exact placement on your finger, no stress. I love collaborating with my artist about what questions I might have as well as ideas that I have that need to be developed and finalized.

That way, it’s a little bit his or her artwork too, rather than a photo of someone else’s work.

Side of your finger or top of your finger, broken heart or matching with your partner, this is the sweetest next tattoo for you, I can just feel it.

63 Heart Finger Tattoo Ideas To Adorn Your Hands (2024)
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