The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (2024)

You need an email account — whether it’s for networking, job recruitment, downloading resources, transferring files, setting reminders, meeting with colleagues, or something else.

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (1)

Even with the rise of office chat platforms, you still depend on email for a surprising number of things. But unfortunately, not every email service is completely free. And even the free ones might not be the easiest to use or have all the features you need.

It can be a challenge to find an email service provider at no cost that balances the right features with usability. To help make your search easier, we put together a list of the different types of email accounts you can set up, followed by the best email service providers you can host your account on right now for free.

Types of Email Accounts

There are two main types of email service providers to choose from: Email clients and Webmail.

Let's briefly go over these different types of providers.

What are email clients?

Email clients are software applications you install onto your computer to manage the email you send and receive. To access this email, the client interacts with a remote email server.

Email clients you've likely heard of include Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and iCloud Mail.

What is a webmail?

Webmail is a form of email you access exclusively from the internet and therefore exists primarily on the cloud rather than your computer. Instead of an installed application fetching your email, you manage your inbox right from your internet browser.

Examples of webmail providers include Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and Hotmail.

Now, take a look at six of the best free email service providers (and five of the best email accounts for privacy) you can get your hands on today — both webmail and email clients included. For each email service provider, we've highlighted a unique feature to help you find the best fit.

Best Free Email Accounts

  1. Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility
  2. AOL: Best for Interface Organization
  3. Outlook: Best for Multiple App Integrations
  4. Yahoo! Mail: Best for Lots of Storage
  5. iCloud Mail: Best for IMAP
  6. Mozilla Thunderbird: Best for Managing Multiple Accounts

1. Gmail: Best for Offline Accessibility

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (3)

Unique Feature: Native File Collaboration

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who already uses and loves the rest of Google's products.

It might seem like an obvious top pick, but Gmail is just too versatile not to get our first slot. According to Litmus Labs, Gmail has the second-highest email provider market share (behind Apple iPhone's native email app).

Ironically, one of the reasons Gmail has become so popular is because of all the communication options in your inbox that don't involve email.

Gmail is a regular email inbox tool you can access once you have a Google account. Since it’s built into Google Suite, you can also access a group of free apps that allow you to chat, video conference, and share files with the people in your contact list.

Google Hangouts, available from your inbox's left sidebar (or the right — you can customize how your inbox is displayed), lets you text and video chat with other Gmail users for the things that might not warrant an email message.

Like most other email accounts today, Gmail also has an intuitive calendar where you can set meetings and reminders.

Pro Tip: You can also use a free product like HubSpot Meetings to easily schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

Unlike other email accounts, you can use your Gmail address to log into and manage your YouTube account, as well as collaborate on shared documents and spreadsheets right from a cloud-based Google Drive.

Offering a generous 15 GB of free email storage, Gmail does everything it can to make your inbox less chaotic, including advanced filters that automatically push emails into separate folders as they arrive. And none of these functions costs a dime.

Notable Features:

  • Allows you to un-send emails
  • 15GB free email storage
  • Accessible from any internet-connected device
  • 99.9% protection from suspicious/spam emails
  • Texts suggestions that help you write emails faster

2. AOL: Best for Interface Organization

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (4)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Unlimited Storage

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who uses email for most of their communication.

America Online (I feel nostalgic just typing those words) has quietly kept up with today's standards for a good user experience and is now once again one of the best free email accounts available to you.

Purchased by Verizon in 2015, AOL delivers your email from its classic news-driven homepage and comes with the contemporary spam filters and virus protection you'd expect from your email provider. You can also send text and instant messages from specific windows in your email inbox.

AOL does have something over Gmail, though: unlimited storage. Additionally, you can import email contacts from a CSV, TXT, or LDIF file, so you're not creating your "buddy list" (get it?) from scratch.

Notable Features:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Highly customizable
  • Offers a spellchecker to reduce errors

3. Outlook: Best for Multiple App Integrations

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (5)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Multiple App Integrations

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Type of email: Email client

Who should use it: Anyone who uses many different platforms to connect with others.

If you ever cringed at the sight of a "" email address, you can thank Outlook for this outdated domain name.

But there's good news: Microsoft has reinvented its longstanding email service, and your free email address has many advanced features waiting for you.

While it touts a calendar and message filter similar to Gmail, Outlook also integrates with several other popular communication apps.

For example, you can connect Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal, and even task-management software such as Trello — making it very easy to reach and work with non-Outlook users without leaving your inbox.

Outlook offers 15 GB of free storage for each user, along with a super-clean interface.

Notable Features:

  • Like with Excel or Word, you can use Add-ins with Outlook
  • Easy access to other Microsoft apps like Skype
  • Provides aliases that add anonymity to your email
  • Excellent email organization
  • Great search feature

4. Yahoo! Mail: Best for Lots of Storage

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (6)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Media and attachment history

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Creatives and anyone who sends and receives attachments frequently via email.

Yahoo! Mail, another well-known platform, sits just behind AOL in storage space with a whopping 1 TB (that's a terabyte) for free, along with a few key social media integrations.

You can have custom background themes and search for key information from your inbox with Yahoo! Mail.

Yahoo! Mail makes it easy to find every photo, video, and document you've ever attached or received via email in their tabs on your inbox's sidebar. This makes the platform especially appealing to those who share documents regularly or simply want an album made of every photo they've ever had shared.

Notable Features:

  • Connects seamlessly with Yahoo Calendar
  • Outstanding email organization
  • Customizable themes
  • Instant notifications for new emails
  • Decent security to keep your account safe and secure

5. iCloud Mail: Best for Data Encryption

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (7)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Label senders as VIPs

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: people who use Mac and want everything on one system.

If you’re a Mac user, you may want to consider using iCloud Mail as your email provider. Their free email account comes with 5GB of storage that you can use to sync your photos, files, or email.

However, it’s important to note that storage is shared between all of your apps and devices — so if you take a lot of photos on your iPhone, you may eat into your email storage allowance for the month. Upgraded plans start at $0.99/month and go up to $9.99/month.

One of the most significant advantages of using iCloud over other email providers on this list is the ease of integration. Apple builds its desktop and iPhone mail apps with all email clients in mind, but it pays special attention to making the experience delightful for iCloud users.

Notable Features:

  • Search functionality
  • Ability to label senders as VIP to automatically filter important messages and save time
  • One-click “Unsubscribe” feature
  • 5GB free email storage

6. Mozilla Thunderbird: Best for Managing Multiple Accounts

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (8)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Customization features and the ability to open multiple emails in tabs

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Type of email: Email clients

Who should use it: Anyone looking for a simple but customizable email inbox.

Thunderbird, a free email application from Mozilla, known for Firefox, offers a quick email inbox setup and a simple, easy-to-use user interface.

The app offers customizable features, such as theme settings and app extensions to improve your email experience. The email app also allows you to open multiple emails in tabs, similar to how you would open various web pages in Firefox browsers.

Notable Features:

  • It has a large extension library
  • Integrates with Google Calendar to make task and meeting scheduling easier
  • Smart email organization to reduce cluster

Best Free Email Accounts For Privacy

  1. Zoho Mail
  2. Proton Mail
  3. GMX Mail
  4. Trustifi
  5. Mailfence

7. Zoho

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (9)

Image Source

Unique Feature: 25 Business Addresses

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: startups and small businesses.

This is the first of the free email accounts for privacy to make our list, but it holds a ton of potential for businesses.

The first thing you'll notice about Zoho is its user-friendliness. From integrating with Google Drive, Box, and other cloud-based file managers, to its built-in task manager, this email service offers a simple way to accomplish all of your daily tasks.

The real difference-maker, though, is the ability to customize the domain name for up to 25 connected email addresses. Want to replace "" with the name of your business's website? You can do so under Zoho Lite, which gives you 5 GB for free — all under

Notable Features:

  • Doesn’t scan your inbox for advertisem*nt purposes
  • Emails are in an encrypted format
  • Notifies you if your messages don’t deliver
  • Integrates easily with the Zoho CRM

8. ProtonMail

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (10)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Encrypted email

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who sends and receives sensitive information.

ProtonMail offers just 500 MB of free space, but for the worthy trade of encrypted email, allowing you to send messages that nobody else can see and disappear after a month.

What's the catch? Is the service hard to use? ProtonMail is easy to use on any device without any software needed to encrypt your emails, as with most webmail platforms. Its inbox interface is as easy to understand at a glance as the other email services on this list.

And the tool offers quick color-coded labels to help you further organize which emails deserve the most care and protection.

Notable Features:

  • No personal information is required to open an account
  • Compatible with other email providers
  • Optimized inbox to boost productivity
  • End-to-end data encryption

9. GMX Mail

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (11)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Alias email addresses

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who needs multiple emails with one central inbox.

While you may not have heard of GMX Mail, it’s been around for quite a while (since 1997) — and it has a bunch of features that make it worth considering.

First off, GMX offers 65 GB of storage. That’s a lot of storage for a free email service. In fact, they claim that it allows you to keep nearly half a million messages in your Inbox!

Another feature worth noting is the ability to send large attachments. While many services have low caps for your email attachments, GMX Mail allows you to send files up to 50MB. That’s great if you share a ton of photos, presentations, or other large files from your account.

But the feature of GMX Mail that really sets it apart is the ability to set up to 10 alias email addresses all from within one account. This can be useful in many situations — both personally and professionally.

On a personal note, you could use one alias for all of your online purchases and logins — to keep marketing emails separate from your private messages. From a business perspective, multiple email addresses can help manage role-based emails such as or

Notable Features:

  • Spam filter to protect your inbox from suspicious messages
  • Easy-to-use inbox management templates
  • Mail collector for keeping all your emails (even from other service providers) in a single place

10. Trustifi

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (12)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Data loss prevention

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone who doesn’t want to choose between having a secure and functional inbox.

Trustifi combines the best of a productive and secure email provider in one place.

With available whitelisting and blacklisting options, you can easily choose who you allow to send you messages. Trustifi is also compliant with HIPAA/HITECH, PII, GDPR, FSA, FINRA, LGPD, CCPA, and more, so you don’t have to worry about losing your account overnight.

You can even use the Trustifi add-on to add an extra security layer to your Gmail or Outlook inbox.

Notable Features:

  • Ransomware and fraud detection
  • Ability to set expiry dates on sent emails
  • Seamless integrations with other email systems or service providers
  • End-to-end email encryption

11. Mailfence

The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (13)

Image Source

Unique Feature: Legal protection

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Type of email: Webmail

Who should use it: Anyone looking for a secure email account that integrates with other tools.

Mailfence is a secure browser-based email service provider based in Belgium. Given the laws in Belgium, all your data is locked away from any third-party access.

Their free plan gives you 500 MB of email space. But to truly enjoy the best of Mailfence, you’ll have to hop on a paid plan that starts at €2.50/month.

You’d be able to create up to 10 aliases on the paid plan and have 5GB of email space, among many other features.

With Mailfence, it’s easy to organize your day and business because you’d be able to easily integrate your email account with your contacts, calendar, and documents.

Notable Features:

  • Quick integration with a suite of tools
  • True OpenPGP end-to-end encryption

How to Make an Email

No matter which provider you choose, creating an email is a simple process. But, it’s still important to know best practices so you can have one that fits your needs the best. The purpose of an email is to provide a space for you to have easy, secure communications. Follow the steps below to create an email:

1. Choose An Email Provider

Select an email provider based on your needs as a user. Think about which features, such as top-tier security, email scheduling capabilities, or integrations, are the most important to you. Also, consider how much storage you will need and what type of provider works best.

2. Choose a Username

Select a username based on the purpose of the account. If it is a professional account, then your name with a significant number will do. The name of your business will do if it’s a business account. You might also consider your for professional accounts.

3. Create a Password

Email providers generally have minimum requirements for how secure your password must be. These often include a number or a special character. Follow these guidelines and choose a password that is very unique and has a variety of letters, numbers, and characters to make it very secure.

4. Secure Your Account

Many email providers include ways to add extra security to your account. Take advantage of these features to keep your account and data safe. Setting up two-factor authentication is a great place to start.

5. Write a Signature

Set up an email signature for your account. This saves a lot of time as you are writing emails and helps keep your closing consistent. Include information like your name, your title, and your contact information.

Making the Most of Your Email

And with that, you have some of the best options for free email accounts this year. But who knows? Your next email address could be entirely different while giving you just what you need to succeed.

Editor's note: This post was originally published in March 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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The 11 Best Free (and Private) Email Accounts and Service Providers of 2022 (2024)


What is the most secure free email provider 2022? ›

ProtonMail is the most well-known secure email provider. It's open source, based in Switzerland, and provides end-to-end asymmetric encryption. You can use ProtonMail for free if you're sending fewer than 150 messages per day and don't need a lot of storage.

What is the most private free email service? ›

Answer: ProtonMail, Tutanota, Mailfence, Posteo, and Zoho Mail are some of the best free private email service providers in the industry.

How can I get a free private email address? ›

How can I get a private email address? If you want a private email that is not subject to the rules of many public providers, simply sign up for one with a free or paid private email service. Some of our favorites include Zoho Mail, ProtonMail, Mailfence, and

What is the safest personal email provider? ›

6 Most Secure Email Providers
  1. ProtonMail. ProtonMail was founded in 2014 at the CERN research facility by Andy Yen, Jason Stockman, and Wei Sun. ...
  2. Hushmail. ...
  3. Tutanota. ...
  4. CounterMail. ...
  5. Mailfence. ...
  6. Librem Mail.
4 Nov 2022

What's the safest email to use? ›

Best secure email providers in 2022:
  • ProtonMail - Secure email provider with the best price and privacy ratio.
  • Startmail – Best email for desktop-only users.
  • Tutanota - Best secure email for any device.
  • Zoho Mail - Part of the best B2B security product suite.
  • Thexyz - Excellent suite of features.
7 Nov 2022

Is there a better free email than Gmail? ›

Yahoo! Mail is strong replacement for Gmail. It is one of the free alternatives to Gmail which offers an easy signup process and a free email account with massive storage, i.e., 1 TB. Feature: Yahoo Mail is one of the best Gmail alternate email which allows you to customize your inbox by choosing themes.

What email doesn't require a phone number? ›

There are plenty of services that offer email without phone verification. Providers like ProtonMail, Tutanota, and Mailfence ensure your privacy through other means.

Is AOL closing email accounts 2022? ›

AOL is ending support for our email addresses. Find out when this will happen and what your options are! AOL is ending support for email addresses. Starting on April 30, 2022, you won't be able to send or receive emails using your email address.

How do I find secret email accounts? ›

One way is by locating the person's name and doing a Google search on their name with the word "email" after it. There are also services like mail-tester or email hunter that can help you find what someone's email might be if they don't make it public. Finding email addresses is a lot easier than you think.

What is the most discreet email? ›

The best free anonymous email accounts in 2022
  • ProtonMail.
  • Tutanota.
  • Secure Email.
  • Guerilla Mail.
  • AnonAddy.
  • PrivateMail.
  • Mailfence.
18 Jun 2022

How do I find all email accounts for free? ›

1. Find Accounts Linked to Your Email
  1. Go to your Google Account Settings.
  2. Click on Security in the menu on the left.
  3. Scroll to Connected applications and sites.
  4. Click Manage access.
  5. Review the list of websites and revoke access if needed.
1 Sept 2022

What is the most powerful email service? ›

14 best email service and account providers in 2023
  • Gmail. Gmail is the most used and popular email service provider with over 1.2 billion users all around the world. ...
  • Outlook. Outlook was initially founded as Hotmail by Microsoft. ...
  • AOL Mail. ...
  • 4. Yahoo Mail. ...
  • iCloud Mail. ...
  • ProtonMail. ...
  • Zoho Mail. ...
  • Yandex Mail.
14 Nov 2022

Why is ProtonMail safer than Gmail? ›

Encryption: ProtonMail provides strong end-to-end encryption, making it so that only you and the recipient can read your emails. While Gmail also offers basic encryption, it only works when the recipient uses the same type of encryption.

What is the most user friendly email provider? ›

Gmail by Google is one of the most popular web clients for email because it's free and easy to use. In fact, Gmail accounted for 36.5% of email opens globally in 2021. Gmail supports 105 languages and also offers paid plans for businesses of all sizes.

What should you avoid in your emails? ›

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Email
  • Forgetting attachments.
  • Sending to the wrong recipient.
  • Choosing a bad subject line.
  • Using the wrong writing tone.
  • Sending at a bad time.
  • Replying to all (all the time)
  • Neglecting your signature.
  • Working with too many (bad) Fonts.
1 Aug 2017

What are the 4 dangers of using email? ›

Email may be intercepted, altered, or used without detection or authorization. Email may be easier to forge than handwritten or signed papers. Email may spread computer viruses. Email delivery is not guaranteed.

Which things should be avoided in an email? ›

8 Work Email Writing Mistakes You Should ALWAYS Avoid
  • #1 - Checking Emails All the Time! ...
  • #2 - Not Writing Proper Subject Lines. ...
  • #3 - Not Getting to the Point. ...
  • #4 - Not Addressing the Individual. ...
  • #5 - Using Abbreviations and Emojis. ...
  • #6 - Not Writing to a Professional Standard. ...
  • #7 - Using the Wrong Tone of Voice.

What are 4 things an email must have? ›

Here are five things that every email needs to stand out in a crowded inbox.
  • A Good Header. The header is the very first thing someone will see when they open your email. ...
  • A Direct (and Specific) Message. ...
  • A Call to Action. ...
  • A Great Image. ...
  • A Killer Subject Line.
8 Mar 2016

What is the best email name to have? ›

Professional Email Address Ideas
  1. First initial + last name. ...
  2. First name + last name. ...
  3. First name + last initial. ...
  4. First initial + last initial. ...
  5. First initial + middle initial + last initial. ...
  6. First name + middle name + last name. ...
  7. First initial + middle initial + last name. ...
  8. First name + middle initial + last initial.

What are the 3 most important things for an email? ›

Despite being a versatile tool that serves many different purposes, there are three things that all emails must have to be successful.
  1. Attention-Grabbing Subject Line. ...
  2. Enticing Call-to-Action. ...
  3. Value to the Customer.

Which email is best for privacy? ›

The 17 Most Private and Secure Email Service Providers in 2022
  • ProtonMail: The most popular secure email service provider.
  • Mailfence: End-to-end encryption and a familiar Outlook layout.
  • StartMail: The email provider by the creators of Startpage.
  • Tutanota: Perfect email platform for journalists and human rights activists.

What is the easiest email to set up? ›

1. Gmail
  • Sort your email quickly with labels.
  • Easily create filters to automatically organize incoming emails.
  • Keep apps like Google Keep, Calendar, and other add-ons right at your fingertips.
  • Choose from hundreds of colors or images for your inbox theme.
  • Use canned responses to cut down on time you spend writing emails.
31 Mar 2019

How safe is Gmail from hackers? ›

If you are wondering whether your Gmail account is secure from hackers, then the answer is yes, but only to a certain extent. Gmail is encrypted with TLS, Transport Layer Security, while transferring your data and it protects your emails at rest with industry-standard 128-bit encryption.

Is it better to use email or phone number? ›

While both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, phone number authentication has been proven to be more useful to protect personal information than email authentication.

Can I make an email without my real name? ›

The easiest way to send emails anonymously is to create a new email account. If you must use services Gmail or Yahoo, you could create an email using false information. Choose a fake name, home address, date of birth, and don't provide a phone number.

Is it mandatory to create a phone number for Gmail? ›

Is a phone number required to set up a Gmail account? No. Because Google allows younger users to create an email account; they do not require a phone number.

Is Microsoft shutting down old email accounts? ›

Indeed, that email is a phishing scam and not legitimate. Microsoft will never send emails to notify about closing email accounts. Accounts can only be closed manually by the owner, or if the account becomes inactive for at least two years.

Is AOL requiring a security update? ›

Yes. AOL is asking customers who use third party email clients to update their mail settings. This will help ensure that all customers have a secure connection to protect the privacy and security of their accounts.

What is the AOL email ending? ›

Domains: and previously, (short for you've got mail),, and Supports TLS/HTTPS after login.

How do I find someone's hidden account? ›

How to Find Hidden Profiles on Social Networks
  1. Search by Nicknames. It's common for us to use a person's first name when searching for them on social networks. ...
  2. Search by Usernames. ...
  3. Search All Sites. ...
  4. Search Through Their Friends. ...
  5. Hire Professionals and Perform a Reverse Search with Social Catfish.

How do I find a hidden user account? ›

Open the command-line app that you prefer, type net user, and press Enter. Net user lists the users that have accounts configured on a Windows PC, including hidden ones or disabled user accounts.

How do I find the identity of an anonymous email sender? ›

  1. Open the email you want to check.
  2. The same way that we used above, open the “More” menu in the top-right.
  3. Again, click “Show Original” to open a new window titled “Original Message”. This will show you the email header in its full glory.
  4. Look for the lines labeled “Received:”. Next to them will be the IP address.

What is the +1 email trick? ›

If you add “+1” (or any numbers/letters) to the end of your Gmail handle, Gmail recognizes it as belonging to your email address but it looks like a unique email address to the site for which you are registering an account.

How can I find a social networking email address for free? ›

Several online tools will let you search for social media accounts by email address. These tools include Rapportive, ManyContacts, Pipl, and Lullar, to name a few. ManyContacts is a free Google Chrome extension that allows you to find social media accounts using an email address.

Is there a safer email than Gmail? ›

1. ProtonMail - best email for encrypted communication. ProtonMail was founded back in 2013, and today it is one of the best known Gmail alternatives. As it hosts its servers in Switzerland, user data is safe under strict Swiss privacy laws.

Is ProtonMail safer than Gmail? ›

Generally speaking, ProtonMail is more secure, while Gmail is more flexible. As we'll see in our quick comparison, Gmail's flexibility makes it a great choice for using other Google services (such as Docs). Similarly, ProtonMail's security is invaluable when sending sensitive data.

Is ProtonMail more secure than Google? ›

Is Protonmail safer than Gmail? Yes. End-to-end encryption is king when it comes to data protection. All data stored on ProtonMail is encrypted, so neither hackers nor ProtonMail employees can read the contents of your messages.

Is ProtonMail free better than Gmail? ›

ProtonMail vs Gmail: Using Different Email Providers

Gmail offers a wider variety of features for more personal use, whereas Proton Mail is strictly a secure email service, sending mail with end-end encryption. If security is number one on your list of email service properties, maybe Proton Mail is the one for you.

What is replacing Gmail? ›

What's more, there are now several popular privacy-oriented Gmail alternatives that have proven themselves to be trustworthy and reliable.
  • ...
  • Zoho Mail. ...
  • Yandex. ...
  • Tutanota. ...
  • ProtonMail. ...
  • ...
  • GMX. ...
  • iCloud Mail.
4 Nov 2022

What will replace Gmail? ›

Best Gmail alternatives
  • Zoho Mail.
  • Tutanota.
  • Outlook.
  • Mailfence.
  • ProtonMail.
13 May 2022

Is there anything better than ProtonMail? ›

Tutanota encrypts more sections of your email and inbox than ProtonMail (your calendar and address book) while also giving you a zero-knowledge text search. No one at Tutanota can see what you search for within your emails. Tutanota also makes it impossible to trace messages back to the user at least by using their IP.

Is ProtonMail a Chinese company? ›

Proton Mail (also written as ProtonMail) is an end-to-end encrypted email service founded in 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. It uses client-side encryption to protect email content and user data before they are sent to Proton Mail servers, unlike other common email providers such as Gmail and

What companies use ProtonMail? ›

Who uses Protonmail?
FORTALICE SOLUTIONS, LLCfortalicesolutions.comUnited States
P97 Networks, Inc.p97.comUnited States
The Tech Museum of Innovationthetech.orgUnited States
iDATA Corporationidata.netAustralia
1 more row

Can the government access ProtonMail? ›

As an end-to-end encrypted email provider, however, ProtonMail cannot share the content of emails with law enforcement. End-to-end encryption isn't always going to protect the contents of emails in cases where recipients screenshot or forward emails to other parties, of course.

Can ProtonMail be hacked? ›

Yes, there have been attempts, but they have all failed. And here's why! ProtonMail uses many advanced security features. One of them being “End to End Encryption” where the decryption keys are on the client system, not ProtonMail's mail servers.

Can the government track ProtonMail? ›

What can be traced. As part of their service, ProtonMail does temporarily log some metadata such as IP addresses. This could potentially be used to identify you, or at least where you live. Subject lines of emails, as well as the recipient and sender addresses, are not encrypted during transmission.

Why do people use ProtonMail? ›

ProtonMail is an easy webmail service that protects your message archive with zero-access encryption and offers end-to-end encryption for message transmission. This evolving product also incudes a secure calendar and (beta) file storage system.

Is there a free version of ProtonMail? ›

ProtonMail Pricing and Features: Affordable Secure Email Service With Built-In End-To-End Encryption. ProtonMail offers a functional free version.

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